What is the Simple Future Tense? Uses with Examples

In this Article we will learn all about simple future tense. which is also called the Future indefinite tense. It has two names, but it’s only one tense.

What is the simple future tense? 

If an action will happen in the future, then we use simple future tense.

The structure of simple future tense:-

Subject + will + verb 1st form + Object.

Some examples of simple future tense:-
  • Jack will bake cookies.
  • Painters will paint the palace tomorrow.
  • I will buy a wrist watch for my sister’s birthday.

Use of simple future tense:-

The main use of simple future tense is to show actions that will happen in the future. 

Let’s look into more examples to make things clear:-

  • I will play football tomorrow.

(My activity of playing football will occur tomorrow.)

  • I will learn a new computer language.

(As the activity of learning a new computer language will happen in the future. We have used simple future tense.)

  • It will rain tomorrow.

(As the rain is expected to occur in the future.)

  • She will pay for the tickets by credit card.

(as here,we are referring to a future activity of paying.)

  • Ani will meet her at the mall on Monday.

(As we are referring to a future activity of meeting at the mall on Monday, we have used simple future tense.) 

future tense

From the above image we will get an advanced knowledge about future tense.

Simple Future tense as Negative sentence:-


Subject + shall / will not + verb 1st form + object.


  • I will not go.
  • You will not be late.
  • It will not snow tomorrow.
  • She will not get the job.
  • He will not pass the exam.
  • We will not come.
  • They will not stop.

Simple Future tense as Interrogative sentence:-


Will/shall + subject + Verb (1st Form) + Object?


  • Will I go?
  • Will you come early?
  • Will it be cold?
  • Will she dance?
  • Will Mom be mad?
  • Will we cook?
  • Will the dog come with us?

Here are some examples of simple future tense according position:-

FORMALThe ceremony will begin at 8:00.
PLANNEDThe doctor will see you at 3:00.
BUSINESSABC Company will open a new factory.
PREDICTINGExperts say food prices will rise.
ORDERINGI’ll have a small cheese pizza.
INFORMALI’ll call you later.
UNPLANNEDHey, I’ll give you a ride to the subway.
OFFERINGI’ll help you finish the report.
PROMISINGI’ll return your book tomorrow.
POSSIBILITYMaybe I’ll take a break and watch a movie tonight.

I hope after reading this article you have cleared all doubts about simple future tense.

Let’s do some exercises and send your answer to the comment section:-
  1. I____ (give) you the recipe.
  2. Don’t worry. You  ____ (pass) the exam.
  3. The bank ____ (close) at 5:30.
  4. The store____ (deliver) on Sunday.
  5. He ____ (be) home until 11:00.
  6. Is They ____ (make) an announcement?
  7. She ___ (get) the job.
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