What is Personal Pronouns? Types, Forms with Examples

In this article we will discuss about personal pronouns. Now start with What is a Pronoun?.

What is a Pronoun?

Pronouns are one kind of word which is used instead of a noun.

For example:- He, It, I, you. She, it, they etc.

Personal Pronouns-

Personal Pronouns is one of the main types of pronoun. I, you, he, she, it, we they, me, him, her, us, and them are called personal pronouns. These pronouns replace a noun or nouns in the naming parts of the sentence. Personal pronouns are firstly divided based on point of view.

What is the point of view?

Basically there are three point of view in English.

  1. First person.
  2. Second person.
  3. Third person.

Simple example for your better understand-

Raj and Ram are in the school. If Raj is telling something to Ram about Sam. Sam is not present in the School.

In this case Raj is the first person, as he is the person who is speaking. Ram is the second person as he is the person who is listening to Raj. Sam is the third person as she is not presenting the school while they are talking.

For example- I am telling you that he is a good boy.

1. First person-

First person represents the person speaking. Remember the example of Raj, which was the first person. First person represents the person who is speaking.

It is divided into two parts, singular and plural and three types subjective, objective, possessive.

PossessiveMy, MineOur, Ours

For Examples-

  • Singular form- I am a good Biker.
    In this example I is used a subject and is a singular form,
  • Plural form- We are a team of Bikers.
    In this example We is used as a subject and is a plural form.
2. Second person-

Second person represents the person who is listening. In the second person singular and plural form are the same and they are divided into subjective, Objective, Possessive.

Objective You

For Examples-

  • Singular form- You like racing.
    In this example you is used as a singular form and as a subject.
  • Plural form- You all are good racer.
    In this example you is used as a plural form.
3. Third person-

Third person represents the person or thing other than the first person and second person.

They are divided into singular form and plural form and further divided into subjective, Objective, Possessive.

SubjectiveHe, She, ItThey
ObjectiveHim, Her, ItThem
PossessiveHis, Her, HersTheir, Theirs

For Examples-

  • Singular form- He reads books.
    In this example he is used as a third person as a subject in singular form
  • Plural form- They read books.
    In this example referring to more than one person we used they and it is used as a subject.

Personal pronouns forms-

Personal pronouns are then divided based on forms. There are two forms-

  1. Singular.
  2. Plural.

1. Singular-

Singular is used if we are talking about only one person or thing.

2. Plural-

Plural is used if you are talking about more than one person or thing.

Types of Personal pronouns-

Personal pronouns are further divided into three types.

  1. Subjective.
  2. Objective.
  3. Possessive.

1. Subjective-

Subjective pronoun is used for addressing subject. I, He, We, She, We, Who, They are examples of subjective pronouns.

2. Objective-

Objective pronoun is used for addressing objects. My, Him, Us, Her, Them, Whom.

3. Possessive-

Possessive pronoun is used to show ownership. My/Mine, Her/Hers, Their/Theirs, Our/Ours etc.

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