What is a sentence? Types of sentence describe with examples

What is a sentence?

A sentence is a group of words, and it has three important characteristics. It expresses a complete thought or idea.

Lets see some example and understand sentence:-

  • Blue sky is the.
    In the above these are a group of words, but is it conveying any meaning? No! So it’s not a sentence.

Now arrange differently the same words. We can get a meaningful sentence.

  • The sky is blue.
    Now we get to know about the color of sky from the sentence as it is conveying the meaning, It’s a sentence.

A very important characteristic of a sentence is that it must have a subject and a verb.

Sometimes subject is not given, but understandable.

For example:-

  • Put the book there.

Here the subject is not given, here you is invisible but you is implied as a subject here. And the most important characteristic of a sentence is that the meaning of any sentence may be different based on different expression.

Now, this expression maybe offer statement, a question, command, or any exclamation is on different meanings or thoughts.

Lets see more examples of sentence:-

  • Rohini’s voice is so sweet.
  • Trisha proposed rahul by a platinum ring.
  • Boat speakers are better than JBL speakers.
  • Briti is good at math.

Types of sentence:-

Sentences are mainly divided into four types,

  1. Declarative sentences.
  2. Interrogative sentences .
  3. Imperative sentences.
  4.  Exclamatory sentences.

Lets understand each of them,

1. Declarative sentences:-

Every two sentences tell information about anything. And they will be end with a period.

For Example:-

  • A dog is man’s best friend.

In the above sentence we are telling an information based on experiences, that dogs are always a best friend of men.

  • The cake is very tasty.

We are telling an information about the taste of cake.

  • 3. She is a wonderful singer.

We are defining or informing the beauty of her singing .

2. Interrogative sentences:-

Interrogative sentences are used to ask a question & end with a question mark. Use (who what? When? Where? Why and how, which are w5h words while asking a question.)

For example:-

  • Who are you?
  • Where is my book?
  • When will you come? 
  • Will you be my friend? 
  • How old are you?

3. Imperative sentence:-

An imperative sentence gives command, or asks for a request, and ends with a period or exclamation mark, depending on how forcefully you say any sentence. sentences are spoken more forcefully an exclamation mark is used otherwise, a period is used.

For example:-

  • put the key in the drawer.
  • Wait for me.
  • Please leave your Footwear outside.
  • Find my leather belt.
  • Pass the folk.

So whenever we are giving any request, or asking for any help or command, imperative sentences are used.

4. Exclamatory Sentence:-

Exclamatory Sentences are used to express strong emotions or feelings. They end with an exclamation mark. When you are surprised, or when you are happy, or when you are angry, you use exclamation to express your emotion.

For Example:-

  • That is a huge birthday cake!

Here we are expressing our emotion of surprise after seeing the size of cake.

  • What a memorable moment!

Here we are expressing our emotion of Happiness after spending a very nice moment.

  • He’s such a nice guy!

We are expressing our emotion of satisfaction after meeting a very nice guy..

expressing our emotion of satisfaction after meeting a very nice guy..

  • Wow what a goal!

So exclamatory sentences are used in case of strong emotions or feelings.

Quickly revise what we have learnt in this lesson:-

Firstly, we understood what a sentence is. A sentence is a group of words with three characteristics. It scribes a complete thought. It must have a subject and a verb, though sometimes subject, may be understandable and very important. Every sentence may have different meaning or thought to convey.

Then we discussed four types of sentences based on different thoughts, First declarative sentences, We just give information and end with a period sign. Second interrogative sentences, which are used to ask questions and end with a question mark.

Third imperative sentences, which gives command, or ask for request, and with a period or exclamation mark. Fourth exclamatory sentences, which expresses strong feelings or emotions and end with an exclamation mark.

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