What is a conjunction? Conjunctions List and types

What is a conjunction?

Whether we are talking about grammar or not, a conjunction occurs when two things are next to each other. If we see mars and moon together in the sky, we call that a conjunction of mars and moon likewise in grammar, a conjunction is a word that connects two parts of a sentence.

Types of conjunction-

There are a lot of these in English and it’s helpful to break them down into three types.

  1. Coordinating conjunctions.
  2. Correlative conjunctions.
  3. Subordinating. Conjunctions.

These are long words, but a coordinating conjunction is just a conjunction. Conjunction connects two equally important parts of a sentence. A correlative conjunction is one of a pair of words that do this and a subordinating conjunction Introduces a clause that is less important than the main part of the sentence.

Coordinating conjunctions:-

We can remember Coordinating conjunctions by this word ‘Fanboys’

F is for ‘for’
A is for ‘and’.
N is for ‘Nor’.
B is for ‘but’.
O is for ‘or’.
Y is for ‘yet’.
S is for ‘so’.

Correlative conjunctions:-

This word means related or used together but not next to each other. Unlike other conjunctions correlative conjunctions always come in pairs with words between the two parts.

Here are some examples of correlative conjunctions:-
  • Both / And .
  • whether / Or .
  • Not only / but also. 
  • Either / Or .
  • Neither / nor 
  • Just / so. 
  • The / the .
  • As / as .
  • If / then. 
  • Rather / than.
  • No sooner / than.
  • Such / that.
  • So / that.

Let’s use them in sentences:-

  • She played both volley and cricket when she was a student. 
  • I will eat either cucumber or onion for dinner. 
  • Nisha likes neither milk nor cream cake.
  • Do you care whether we have noodles or momos for dinner?
  • They will decorate, not only the outside of the house, but also the inside. 
  •  He is such a bad tempered person, that no one can work with him for long. 
  • No sooner did he enter the room than he saw a scorpion.
Subordinating. Conjunctions:-

This word means “making something less important.” Subordinate conjunctions introduce a part of a sentence that is less important than the main part.

Why is it less important?
It’s what we call a dependent clause, it can’t survive on its own.

Here are some examples of subordinating conjunction:-

  • After.
  • Although.
  • As.
  • As if.
  • As long as.
  • As much as.
  • As soon as.
  • As far as. 
  • As though. 
  • By the time.
  • In as much as.
  • In as much.
  • In order to.
  • In order that.
  • In case.
  • Lest.
  • Though.
  • Now that. 
  • Now since .
  • Now when.
  • Now.
  • Even if. 
  • Even.
  • Even though.
  • Provided.
  • Provided that.
  • If.
  • If then.
  • If only.
  • just as.
  • Where.
  • Wherever.
  • Whereas.
  • Where if.
  • Whether.
  • Since.
  • Because.
  • Whoever.
  • Unless.
  • While.
  • Before.
  • Why.
  • So that.
  • Until.
  • How.
  • Than.
  • Till.
  • Whenever.
  • Supposing.
  • When.
  • Or not.
  • What.
  • If when.

Let’s use them in sentences:-

  • He is cleverer than I am.
  • I will have tea rather than coffee.
  • You must decide whether you will go by train or by plane.
  • I eat as much as you.
  • Prince is tall and blond, whereas his brother is short and has dark hair.
  • She went to the school that my father went to .
  • I copied in my notebook whatever he wrote on the black board.
  • The car which I drive is old .
  • A baby deer can stand as it is born.
  • You can use my car as long as you drive carefully.
  • He always feeds the dogs before he goes to school.
  • By the time ambulance arrived he was unconscious.
  • Once you learn it, you never forget.
  • Mary has danced since she was five.

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