What are Quantitative Adjectives? Types of Quantitative Adjectives and Examples

Today we will be learn about Quantitative Adjectives and how to identify quantitative adjectives in given sentences, and analyze the use of quantitative adjectives in different contexts.

What are Quantitative Adjectives?

Quantitative adjectives refer to how much or how many of a thing. It describes a noun by denoting the number or quantity of the specified thing and also describes the amount of a noun. Quantitative adjectives are also known as numeral adjectives.

Quantitative adjectives include words:-

  • Some
  • Any
  • Many
  • Five(also other numbers like three, four etc).
  • Few
  • Lot
  • Several

Let’s have a look at these examples:-

  • There are three pencils in the box.
    The word three answers the question: how many pencils? Hence the word three is a quantitative adjective.
  • I can see two Rockets.
    The word two answers the question: how many Rockets? Hence the word two is a quantitative adjective. 

Quantitative adjectives are also used to indicate the quantity of a noun:-

For example:-

  • There are planets in the sky.

    How many planets are there in the sky?

There are more than a million planets in the sky. The word million answers the question how many? Hence the word million is a quantitative adjective.

Quantitative adjectives include all the numerals and the words which show the measure of a quantity like one, two, hundred,some, several, etc.

Types of Quantitative Adjectives:-

  1. Adjectives of quantity
  2. Adjectives of number.

Adjectives of quantity:-

Adjectives of quantity tell us about how much or how many? They answer the question: how much quantity?

Let’s Look at this example:-

  • There has been sufficient rain this year.

The adjective of quantity sufficient answers the question how much rain or the quantity of rain received this year?

We also created a separate lesson about Adjectives of quantity go and check now.

Adjectives of number:-

Adjectives of numbers show how much of a person or thing is meant. They also show the order of things or person in a series. They answer the question: how many?

Let’s Look at this example:-

  • My neighbor had five pet dogs.

The adjective of quantity five answers the question how many dogs? Or the number of dogs my neighbor had? 

Types of adjectives of numbers:-

We can further classify the adjectives of numbers into three types.

  1. Definite numeral adjectives.
  2. Indefinite numeral adjectives.
  3. Distributive adjectives.

Definite numeral adjectives:-

Definite numeral adjectives denote an exact number. They can be further classified as cardinals and ordinals.

For example:-

  Cardinals:- One , two, three etc

Ex:- Riya has three cats.

Ordinals:- First, second, third etc.

Ex:- Shamik achieved first position in a marathon.

Indefinite numeral adjectives:-

Indefinite numeral adjectives can not denote an exact number in sentences.


All, few, many, some etc.

  • Few people know about the Ancient secret.

Distributive adjectives:-

Distributive adjectives refer to each one of a number.

For Example:-

Each, Every, Either etc.

Ex:- Every day is a new journey.

So, I think after completing this lesson you will gain knowledge about Quantitative Adjectives.

Find out the Quantitative Adjectives from the given sentences.

  • There are many trees in this garden.
  • I have bought three dresses.
  • Nikita has saved enough money to buy a laptop.
  • Shreya faces a lot of problems during travel.
  • Few people can understand the theory of Automata.

I hope clear all about Quantitative Adjectives. If you have any doubt or question about this lesson you can comment below.

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