What are proper adjectives | Examples of proper adjectives

In this article I’m going to discuss about What are proper adjectives? How to find proper adjectives in sentence?, some examples of proper adjectives and many more interesting things. lets start with What is adjective?

What is adjective?

We have already learnt about adjectives in great detail and we know that adjectives are describing words that modify nouns or pronouns. They give us further details about the nouns or pronouns that they modify. 

For example:

  1. It is a rainy day.
    The word rainy is an adjective because it modifies the noun day. It gives us more information about the noun what kind of day it is a rainy day.
  2. His shirt is blue color.
    The word blue is an adjective because it modifies the noun shirt.
  3. Ram is a smart boy.
    The word smart is an adjective because it modifies the noun boy.
  4. The bike is old.
    The word old is an adjective because Old modifies the noun bike.

What are proper adjectives?

Proper adjectives are a type of adjective which are derived from proper nouns. They form the names of places and persons. The first letter of a Proper Adjective is Capital. For example, an Indian farmer, an Englishman. We make Proper Adjectives by adding ‘an’ to the name of some countries, like European to European, Tibetan to Tibet etc.

Examples of proper adjective:-
  1. American phones are the best in the market.
    In this sentence, American describes or modifies the noun phones.  
  1. The African drums have a wonderful sound 
    In this sentence African has been formed from the proper nouns and it is describing the noun drums. 
  2. I love Indian culture.
    In this sentence, Indian describes or modifies the noun culture.  
  3. This is a Russian dog. 
    In this example Russian is the proper adjective, the word Russian tells us something more about the noun dog. 

That proper adjectives can be formed from proper nouns either by adding suffixes or without any changes. 

You can form a proper adjective by adding a suffix like:- 

SuffixProper NounProper Adjective
likeKennedyKennedy- like

Some more examples of proper adjectives:

  1. When she lived in China, she ate a lot of Chinese food.
    In this example the proper adjective Chinese is capitalised, and it’s derived from the proper noun China.
  2. Ram Likes to read Greek Myth.
    In this example Greek is the proper adjective.
  3. Dhoni is an Indian player.
    In this example Indian is the proper adjective.
  4. I love to eat Italian food.
    In this example Italian is the proper adjective.
  5. American cars are wonderful.
    In this example American is the proper adjective.
  6. All African people are not black.
    In this example African is the proper adjective.
  7. The Russian professor is teaching in the class
    In this example Russian is the proper adjective.
  8. I love Korean people.
    In this example Korean is the proper adjective.
  9. He is an English Teacher.
    In this example English is the proper adjective.
  10. I love to listen to Chinese songs.
    In this example Chinese is the proper adjective.

Important points:

  • Proper adjectives are formed from proper nouns, from the names of places and persons. 
  • Proper adjectives are formed from proper nouns, these are the nouns that refer to specific things, places, or people. .
  • Proper adjectives should always be capitalised. 
  • Proper adjectives can be formed by taking a proper noun and adding a suffix like ‘ian’, ‘an‘, ‘ese’, ‘tic’, ‘esque’, ‘like’, ‘ish’, etc.

I hope clear all about proper adjectives. If you have any doubt about this article you can comment below.

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