LOOK, SEE, WATCH Differences, Meanings, Example Sentences

In this article, I’m going to talk about some similar English verbs look, see, and watch. A lot of students doubt what is the difference between these words?. So I’m going to make sure that this article will clear up any confusion.


It is used as a regular verb. We use look when you direct your eyes at something and pay attention to it. When look has an object we use at, look at that cat,

Verb 1Look
Verb 2Looked
Verb 3Looked

Examples of Look:-

  1. You look really happy.
  2. Look, it’s raining outside.
  3. He says I look just like Daddy.
  4. Let me look at him.
  5. Look at this video.


When we want to talk about the below topics, then you should use “look”.

  • Camera
  • Paintings
  • Photographs
  • Windows


It is an irregular verb. The past tense of See is Saw. When we notice or become aware of something with our eyes, we are not looking for it, but we suddenly see it.

Verb 1See
Verb 2Saw
Verb 3Seen

Examples of See:-

  1. I see a dog on the road.
  2. He suddenly saw a cat on the street.
  3. I’ll see you later.
  4. I want to see a lion.
  5. See you after school.


It is a regular verb. The past tense of Watch is watched. Watch means to look at something for a long time and to pay attention to it.

Verb 1Watch
Verb 2Watched
Verb 3Watched

Examples of Watch:-

  1. I love to watch cartoon.
  2. Ram just watches television all day.
  3. This dog helped him watch the Goat.
  4. Just watch the shopping mall bill.
  5. I watched a movie last night.


When we generally use watch when we are talking about things like this:-

  • Television
  • Movie
  • Sports
  • YouTube video

Now example of all these words in a sentence:-

Riya looked around to see if anyone was watching her.

I hope you understand about difference between look, see and watch. For better understanding you need to keep practicing.

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