How to Use Sometimes vs Sometime vs Some Time!

In this article we are going to discuss about the differences between Sometimes, sometime and some time.

Let’s Take a look at how to use the word Sometimes.


Sometimes is an adverb of frequency, which helps to describe how often an action happens, or how often you do and action, sometimes has the same meaning as occasionally or not very often.

Some examples of Sometimes:-

  • Sometimes I love to drink coffee.
  • Sometimes I prefer to drink tea.
  • Sometimes I have friends over for dinner.
  • I wake up early most days but sometimes I get to sleep in next.


Sometime being one word, when we use sometime one word it is also an adverb and this case sometime refers to a specific point in time, but a point in time which is unknown or unstated. We usually use some time to talk about a point in the future or possibly a point in the past.

Some examples of Sometime:-

  • I’m planning to go market sometime this week.
  • Sometime this summer we should go to the beach.
  • We should go see a play sometime when the theaters are open.

Some time:

When we use some time, time is a noun and some is a determiner. Some Physically means a unspecified amount of something. Some time means and unspecified span of time, a certain time period or a long duration of time. If you want to say that something happened for a long time we can say that it happened for some time.

Some examples of some time:-

  • He need some time to complete this work.
  • I’ve wanted to travel to Singapore for some time.
  • I need some time to take action.

So friends in this article you have learned the differences between the commonly confused words Sometimes, Sometime and some time. Hopefully now that you know how to use these words you won’t get them confused an English anymore.

Some Quiz about Sometimes, Sometime, Some Time:

1. It took me _____ to solve this exercise.

2. The last time I met him was _____ in April.

3. _____ I don't feel like talking to anyone.

4. They lived in America for ______ and now speaks perfect English.

5. They said they will throw a party ____ next year, but I no longer believe them.

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