What is Future Continuous Tense? Uses with Examples

In this Article, we will learn all about the future continuous tense, which is also called the future progressive tense. It has two names, but it’s only one tense. The future continuous tense is often used by local English speakers, and somehow English students do not know much about this tense.

What is the future continuous tense?

If an action will begin in the future and will continue until another action occurs, then it is called in future continuous tense.

Special Note:-

It is not necessary that another action is mentioned in the sentence.

Structure of future continuous tense:-

Subject + will be + verb ing form + object.

Uses of future continuous tense:-

The main use of future continuous tense is to show an unfinished ongoing action in the future which will continue until another action occurs.

Future continuous tense examples to make things clear:-

  • I will be reading books until she comes.

(My activity of reading books will be ongoing and it will continue until another activity where until she comes.)

  • I will be playing football when you arrive.

(As the activity of playing football will be ongoing and it will continue until another activity where you will arrive.)

  • I will be writing poetries on different topics when you reach.

(As the activity of writing articles will be ongoing until another activity of your reaching occurs. We have used future continuous tense here.)

  • I will be watching a TV show tomorrow morning.

(As the activity will be a continuous activity of watching a TV.)

  • We will be shopping in that mall this sunday.

(As the active activity will be a continuous activity of shopping. We will use future continuous tense here.)

Continuous tense as time period:-

Ex: Our team will be attending a meeting at a conference from june 8-12.

Continuous tense as moment:-

Ex: At 2:30, I will be taking my English exam.

Continuous tense as together :-

Ex: On Tuesday, Jenny will be giving a presentation and Steve will be meeting a client.

Continuous tense as polite question:-

Ex: Will You be checking in early?

Continuous tense as time marker:-

Ex: Tomorrow/next week/at 9:00 on Friday in summer.

We never use future continuous tense using static verb:-

Incorrect:- She will be having a new computer next month.

Correct:- She will have a new Computer next month.

Incorrect:- You will be loving this car.

Correct:- You will love this car.

Incorrect:- He will be understanding the problem soon.

Correct:- He will understand the problem soon.

Now we have a basic knowledge about future continuous tense, let’s do some exercises.

Convert this sentences into future continuous tense:-
  • Bina will go to the library.
  • They playing football on that field.
  • I sing different kinds of songs.
  • I will play volleyball at 8am tomorrow
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