A word that is used with a noun to describe or point out the person, animal, place, or thing which the noun names, or to tell the number or quantity is called an Adjective. Basically, an adjective is a word used with a noun to add something for its meaning.

Example- Ashok is an intelligent Boy
Here in the above example adjective intelligent is used along with the noun boy.



Adjectives of Quality (or Descriptive Adjective)- This kind of adjective gives the answer to the question: of what kind? The adjective of quality defines the quality of a person or thing.

For Example-

  • Mumbai is a large city.
  • Carol is an honest girl.
  • The Lotus is a beautiful Flower.

The words large, honest, and beautiful used in the above sentences tell us what kind of person or a thing is, such adjectives are called Adjectives of Quality or Descriptive Adjectives.


There are three kinds of descriptive adjectives:

  • Simple descriptive adjective– This kind of adjective is very primary and is used to express the characteristic or quality of a noun. Other elements like audio, taste, shape, time can also be expressed by using this adjective. Some examples are- smart, brown, large, hard, big, fat, happy, etc.
  • Compound descriptive adjectives– These kinds of adjectives are used by joining two words with a hyphen. These are used as per the sentence’s requirements. Examples of some compound adjectives are- short-tempered, self-made, ill-behaved, self-centred, etc.
  • Proper descriptive adjectives – They are always used in capital form to define the nouns concerning their religion, place, counties, etc. They are used with proper nouns. Examples are- India, Sikh, Jain, Hindu, Muslim, London, Paris, New York, Spain, etc.


There are some rules and methods that need to be obeyed while using a descriptive adjective, these rules are as follows: –

  • You can use two or more descriptive adjectives jointly in one sentence. The order of the adjectives should be suitable so that it defines the nouns properly.

Example: There is a small smelly black dog near the dustbin. In this sentence, small, smelly, and black all are descriptive adjectives defining the dog’s quality.

  • The approved order of using two or more descriptive adjectives in a sentence is like: size>age>form>shade>place of birth>element.
    For example- There is a small, old, fat, brown dog near the dustbin.
  • Adjectives that are of general opinion should be used before the adjectives with specific opinions.
    For example- she is a gorgeous, brilliant dancer.
  • If the same type of adjectives is used in one sentence which has a similar meaning, then they should be used with the comma ‘,’.
    For example- intelligent, creative.
  • If the adjectives have different meanings, then there is no need to use commas.
    For example, smart stupid.
  • The usual rule is that the adjectives always come before nouns, but certain cases are also used after a noun.
    For example- the girl is sweet.
  • There are certain adjectives that are used by adding suffixes to them.
    For example- love: lovely, child: childlike.
  • Adjectives which are expressing opinion always come ahead of shade/form/size etc.
    For example- “The beautiful blue T-shirt on the bed”; is more desirable than “The blue beautiful T-shirt on the bed”.

Let’s take an example ‘one should eat green vegetables. In this sentence, the word green defines the type and colour of vegetables. Another example- my grandmother is a beautiful lady, in this sentence, the word beautiful defines the beauty of my grandmother. Therefore, the word green and beautiful defines the characteristics and quality of a person or thing. This is how we use Adjectives of Quality: we use words like intelligent, smart, small, tall,big, huge, sweet, beautiful to describe the nouns.


Using adjectives of quality is essential as it adds meaning to a simple sentence. For example, Ram is a boy. In this sentence, we understand that there is a boy named Ram, but we do not know what type of a boy is or what ram’s nature is. To answer this, we add an adjective of quality like intelligent, handsome, or small as it will make the sentence more appropriate and understanding. For example, Ram is an intelligent boy.

A. Pick out the Adjectives of quality in the following sentences:
  1. Mumbai is a large city.
  2. Jimmy is an honest man.
  3. My father knows a funny little man.
  4. Teacher asked Sam to take great care of his health.
  5. The foolish frog tried to sing like a nightingale.
  6. He is a wise man.
  7. Did Neeta score good marks in the math exam?
  8. My grandmother is a very sweet lady.

Answers- 1:large, 2: honest, 3:funny, 4: great, 5: foolish, 6: wise, 7: good, 8: sweet.

B. Identify the descriptive adjectives in the following sentences:
  1. John has young and sweet children.
  2. My doll has two round brown eyes.
  3. I saw a huge building yesterday.
  4. Maths is a difficult subject
  5. My sister is so fat.

Answers- 1: young and sweet, 2: two round browns, 3: huge, 4: difficult, 5: fat.

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