COVID-19 Coronavirus Vocabulary in English

Hello friends, in this article we are discuss about COVID-19 Coronavirus Vocabulary. Coronavirus COVID-19 doesn’t seem to stop and we definitely cannot stop it, so we just have to deal with it, and while we are all at home, let’s learn some vocabulary about COVID-19/ Coronavirus.

1. Virus:

Coronavirus is a virus. Viruses are a type of microorganism. They are too small to be seen by the naked eye, much smaller than bacteria and about 100 times smaller than human cells. They come in many different shapes.

2. Symptoms:

The Symptoms of coronavirus is fever, high body temperature, cuff weakness, difficulty with breathing. So when you cough and you can’t really breathe, I suppose these are like the major symptoms of coronavirus.

3. Pneumonia:

Pneumonia is an inflammatory lung infection with symptoms of fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

4. Vaccine:

A vaccine helps us fight with viruses that make us sick. A vaccine programs your immune system ahead of time to a particular disease.

5. Contagious:

A virus can be contagious. So when something is contagious, it can spread really fast. You walk into a room, there’s a sick person in the room, and you get the virus. Because it is highly contagious, it spreads to people really easily.

6. Spread:

Spread is how it moves around from one person to another and to more and more people.

7. Epidemic:

Epidemic is a situation where there are a lot of cases of something and it spreads really fast. So it becomes an epidemic in a certain area.

8. Pandemic:

Prefix pan means all, pandemic means that something is everywhere. Now the virus is everywhere, so it is a pandemic.

9. Quarantine:

Quarantine is one of the emergency measures that has been taken, and quarantine is an official thing for isolating people who have symptoms and also just minimizing contact between people.

10. Isolation:

Isolation means no interaction, to isolate, not to interact. So when you are in isolation, you have no interaction with other people.

11. Lockdown:

Lockdown is when people are not allowed to leave or come in in a certain place. In the situation with some European countries, the whole country is on lockdown, so no one can leave the country and no one can enter.

12. Ventilator

Ventilator helps to deliver enough oxygen to the bloodstream to supply the brain and other vital organs, and helps the patient get rid of carbon dioxide.

I hope you understand this article COVID-19 Coronavirus Vocabulary. If you have any questions about this topic you can comment below.

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