50 Collective noun list of birds and trees

What is a Collective noun?

Collective noun refers to group or collection of same kind of person, animal or thing.

Collective noun of birds

  1. A siege of cranes.
  2. A flock of cranes.
  3. A murder of crows.
  4. A flock of doves.
  5. A Sedge of cranes.
  6. A flight of doves.
  7. A flock of ducks in flight.
  8. A raft of ducks on water.
  9. A padding of ducks on water.
  10. A gulp of cormorants
  11. A convocation of eagles.
  12. A charm of finches.
  13. A flamboyance of flamingos.
  14. A skein of geese in flight.
  15. A gaggle of geese on the ground.
  16. A confusion of guinea fowl.
  17. A colony of gulls.
  18. A kettle of hawks.
  19. A sedge of herons.
  20. A siege of herons.
  21. A hedge of of herons.
  22. An exaltation of larks.
  23. A watch nightingale.
  24. A parliament of owls.
  25. A company of parrots.
  26. A pandemonium of parrots.
  27. A muster of peacocks.
  28. A ostentation of peacocks.
  29. A pod of pelicans.
  30. A raft of penguins in the sea.
  31. A waddle of penguins on the land.
  32. A colony of penguins.
  33. A rookery of penguins.
  34. A bouquet of pheasants.
  35. A nide of pheasants.
  36. A bevy of Quails.
  37. An unkindness of ravens.
  38. A building of rooks.
  39. A parliament of rooks. (Type of crow)
  40. A wreck of seabirds.
  41. A host of sparrows.
  42. A quarrel of sparrows.
  43. A murmuration of starlings.
  44. A muster of stroks.
  45. A spring of teal.
  46. A committee of vultures when resting in tree.
  47. A kettle of vultures in flight.
  48. A wake of vultures (when a group feeding on a carcass.)
  49. A fall of woodcocks.
  50. A descent of woodpeckers.
Collective noun of Tree
  1. Clump of trees.
  2. Copse of tree.
  3. Grove of trees.
  4. Spinney of trees.
  5. Stand of trees.
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