What is Adverb clause of Cause/Reason? with examples

The adverb of reason is defined as those adverbs which are used to make some kind of connection or some kind of relationship between two prepositions.

What is Adverb of Reason

These adverbs are use to establish a relationship or any kind of connection between two prepositions. Adverb of Reason helps to describe why something happened. It answers the question ‘why’.

Adverb of Reason

Examples of such adverbs can be- therefore, because, since, helps, helpful, as.

Now, we can understand this better by using the sine of adverbs in sentences.

  1. Ram is only 16 years old and therefore not eligible to vote.
  2. Ram was busy, therefore he could not come to the party.
  3. I am hungry because I did not eat dinner.
  4. God helps those who help animal.
Adverb clause of Cause/Reason- Because:

Because means for the reason that.

For example-

  1. I like you because you are good boy.
  2. I was shocked because it was very pretty.
  3. We can’t trust him because he is a thief.
Adverb clause of Cause/Reason- Since:

Since means due to.

For example-

  1. Since Ram was sick, Ram didn’t go. 
  2. I haven’t been home since November. 
  3. He’s been go since evening.
Adverb clause of Cause/Reason- As:

As means for the reason that.

For example-

  1. As for Ram, he likes to play football.
  2. Well, as Ram said.
  3. I want to work with Alex as a assistant.
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