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t2L is an elite mobile platform that enables you to talk with your favorite athletes and musicians as easily as you do your best friend. The t2L app provides a previously unattainable experience for a reasonable cost at a time that works with your schedule.

Browse Legends by scrolling through pictures or filtering by sport or music genre. If you are looking for someone specific, you can also search by name. Pull down on the top athlete or musicians picture to reveal a search bar and type the name of the Legend you can’t wait to video call with!

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Ready to put your favorite Legend ON SPEED DIAL?
With talk2Legends you can video call with your favorite athletes and musicians as
easily as you do your best friends.


One-on-One Video Calls

Browse your favorite Legend’s availability and book a video call conversation that works with your schedule.

Live Streaming Events

Ready to learn how to shoot a Free Throw from an NBA great? Ready to take your shredding skills to the next level with notes from a guitar god? With t2L live streaming you can learn from the all time greats or take part in unique once in a lifetime streamed events with your favorite Legend.*


Follow your favorite athletes and musicians to get alerts when they schedule availability for video calls. Then simply log into the app and book a call.

Record and Share

Save and share epic video calls with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Who’s the Legend now?*

Available Now

See when Legends are online and who is available for video calls right now. Look for a Green Dot by their name, then click the athlete or musician’s picture to start a video call conversation instantly.

Ratings and Reviews

Want to know who tells the funniest stories or gives the best advice to young athletes and musicians? Read ratings and reviews from other fans like you.*


*this feature coming soon

How it Works

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Browse Legends and Availability

Start by browsing our roster for your favorite athletes and musicians. View their profiles, availability and pricing and then simply click to schedule a video call. Prices are listed in credits, which can be purchased by signing in to your t2L account online or through the app.

Schedule a Video Call

View a Legend’s calendar to schedule a video call. Select the date, time, and length of call, from 5 to 25 minutes. Chose a topic for your call and leave a note with special requests or information. Credits will be deducted at the time of call.

Start Your Call

Get into the action! Launch your video call at your scheduled time through the t2L mobile app. Enjoy a high resolution experience with your favorite athlete or musician face-to-face over WiFi.


Afterward, brag about your video call and post directly to Facebook or Twitter without even leaving the t2L app. You can let all of your followers know who you just video chatted with!


Calling all professional athletes and musicians

Support Your Fans, Maximize Your Time


Build Your Personal Brand

Meaningful personal interactions let you share personal stories with fans and promote your products, causes, and initiatives. Set your own rates and schedule and share exclusive content with your most engaged fans.

Control Your Own Time

Spend quality time with your #1 fans from the comfort of your home or while traveling. Control the interaction based on your schedule and initiate or end an interaction at any time. 24 hour support from t2L means you’ll always feel comfortable and prepared to enjoy your fans!

Raise Money for a Good Cause

Maximize your free time during travel or retirement. Raise money for your charity or a personal cause by determining how much revenue you will earn for each interaction.

*this feature coming soon

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“Far exceeded my expectations.  Interacting with an icon that I imitated on the playground was a surreal experience I’ll never forget.  I’ve met plenty of athletes at signings before, but the video call option kicked it up–we weren’t rushed and I got to know him as a person.  Great experience!”

Jon Hall


Conversations for a Cause

Use talk2Legends to support a charity or cause close to your heart. Athletes and musicians can easily designate a portion of their earnings to the charitable organization of their choice. Additionally, they can use t2L’s Huddles, invitation-only live streamed events & shows, to share information with select fans or top donors about the causes they support.


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